Most Affordable BB Cream – Fair & Lovely BB Cream | Is It Worth?

The market is flooded with a ton of BB Creams from various brands. Every brand claims to be the best but not all of them are within a common person’s budget. So today I’m going to share the review for the most affordable BB Cream which is from the brand Fair & Lovely claiming to give instant fairness and a make up finish. So lets see whether the low price tag does justice to the product or not.

Affordable – If we talk about affordability, this is the best BB Cream out there in the market. It retails for about INR 79 for a 18g pack and INR 175 for a 40g pack which is really attractive and anyone can afford it without an issue. But is affordability everything? Lets move on to the next point and see more aspects of the product.

Easily Available – This BB Cream is easily available in any cosmetic store, you can even find it at your nearest grocery store which is pretty much again on the positive side.

Shades Available – The worst part of this BB Cream is that this comes only in a single shade which is very very disappointing  because it won’t match your skin tone for sure if you are very fair or on the darker side though the undertones are not very specific. So its a big NO if you are looking for a perfect shade of BB Cream with a very fair or dark complexion. I myself have dark complexion so you can very well see in the picture below that its totally not matching my skin tone.

Packaging – For INR 79, the packaging is pretty good, it comes with a outer covering box made of card board inside which you will find a small tube which has a screw cap that fits well. The tube looks pretty impressive and has a shiny finish. Overall the packaging is really good and does not leak at all which also makes it travel friendly.

Consistency, Texture & Feel – Though it looks it has a creamy texture, its just the opposite, super difficult to blend, even if you try hard it will leave ugly patches on your face. If you have oily skin, it should be completely avoided because it will leave a white caste on your face just after few minutes of application. Also this is not long lasting at all so if you are looking for a full day coverage, its a big NO NO!

My Verdict – Totally avoid it, if you are not super tight on budget. Though a few people told me it did suit them, but most of them hated it whoever used it. You can buy it here!



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