DIY Refreshing Skin Toner for Summer | Cooling Cucumber and Mint Toner

Summers are here in full swing and the heat is going up everyday. Amidst all this we have to make sure that our skin remains hydrated and fresh. Apart from this, skin tends to get oily during summers so we definitely need something which can remove the excess oil from our face. So today I have come up with this diy refreshing skin toner for summer which is the best thing you’ll use this summer and I can bet on that.

You’ll need just a couple of ingredients which are easily available in the pantry and the toner will be ready instantly. This toner also doubles its purpose as a face mist which is so refreshing to spray on face after an outing on a hot day. I’m sure once you start using this toner, you won’t buy one again. I always use it after cleansing my face, it not only tones my face but removes any impurities left over. After your face dries, consider wash your face before moisturizing because after all its organic.

This toner has so many benefit that I can’t even stop raving about it. It has cucumber which is a skin coolant and keeps face hydrated all day. It also has mint which is rich in menthol and is really good for acne prone skin. One ingredient which really takes this toner to another level is camphor, yes, camphor is included for added refreshment and also if you have pimple and acne, this is the best thing for you.

To make it refreshing, we cannot skip rose water which is a toner in itself and is an amazing natural skin cleanser. When all of these are combined together, don’t you think the result is perfect for summers. I also recommend to use it as a mist after you are back home after a tiring to feel that instant relief. Store the toner in a spray bottle, and refrigerate it for about two weeks.



DIY Refreshing Skin Toner For Summer

Skin Toner cum Face Mist made up of cucumber, mint, camphor and rose water perfect for summers.

Author Arunima Das


  • 1/4 cup Cucumber Juice
  • 2 Tbsp Mint Juice
  • 1 Pinch Camphor
  • 5 Tsp Rose Water


  1. Mix all the ingredients together and store in a spray bottle

    Camphor will dissolve eventually

    Refrigerate for about 2 weeks

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